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Since 2005, Sonos has been known for networkable speakers. A plus point of the speakers so far was that you could also couple brand new models with old speakers and there were always software updates that worked for all speakers. From May this will be different, because if you want to use certain older Sonos products, you will no longer get software updates.

Sonos has made a name for itself by specializing in speakers that are coupled to each other and receive music or other audio data via a stream. All Sonus products can be networked with one another and controlled centrally, for a while now using an app on a smartphone or tablet. Even before the first iPhone, the ZP100 Zoneplayer was the first network speaker from Sonos to be commercially available – and to date, all software updates have been compatible with all Sonos speakers that have been released to date. This will change in the future as our colleagues from Golem report, Because even though the fact that Sonos has continued to support old products so far was an important point for many Sonos customers and was often emphasized by the US manufacturer, Sonos claims that it is no longer possible to provide the desired features in to implement newer software versions in such a way that they also work on old speakers. The products affected from May are the old Zone Player, the Connect Amp, the Play 5 (first generation) as well as the CR200 remote control and the Sonos Bridge.

No more old speakers with new software

But what could be bad for a user is the way Sonos implements the missing support. Because it is not that only new functions do not work on old models. Instead, the customer no longer receives a software update as soon as only one of the products that are no longer supported is available in the loudspeaker system controlled by the software. So if you want to use new software versions, you have to remove old models from your network. Sonos does offer a return of old speakers, which gives you a 30 percent discount on a new purchase.

Instead of a return, it is also possible to deactivate the loudspeaker on the software side in order to receive the discount. This is to avoid that you benefit from the discount and a parallel sale of used goods at the same time. Nevertheless, the procedure should not be tasty for everyone, because it does not seem technically unreasonable that the software alternatively notifies you if a function is not available for one of the speakers, but you can still control it for other things and for newer features then only uses the newer speakers.

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