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If you haven't got a Playstation 5 yet, you will have to be patient for a while. Because according to the retailer Amazon, there will be no new contingents of the console in the foreseeable future.

On September 25th there were still a few PS5– Copies can be pre-ordered from retailers such as Otto, Amazon, Media Markt and Saturn. But these consoles were also sold out very quickly. Therefore, players who have been able to get hold of a device so far are wondering when there will be another opportunity to pre-order.

No pre-orders of the PS5 for the foreseeable future more is possible

Whoever is on Amazon for a notification about the availability of the PS5 (buy now ) has registered, he should have received an email by now. In this, however, you can read: "The console is now sold out and pre-orders are no longer possible for the foreseeable future."

That means, Amazon doesn't know when there will be new devices for pre-ordering again. Rumors are currently saying that there will be another contingent shortly before Christmas, but this has not been confirmed. Anyone who hopes to get one in the landing shop when the PS5 launches on November 19th may also be disappointed. There are rumors that Sony will not be putting consoles in brick-and-mortar sales. The reason for this is allegedly the corona pandemic and a feared rush to the dealers, in which distance rules are then not adhered to. It cannot be said at the moment whether this is true.

However, it is quite possible that copies will occasionally appear at online retailers, for example through Cancellations. It is therefore worthwhile to stop by the well-known online shops from time to time:

But keep in mind that you should only order from reputable retailers. There are already reports of fake shops that allegedly still offer PS5 consoles for pre-order. So be careful!

Source: Email from Amazon

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