No release delay due to single games

from André Linken
Microsoft will not delay the release of the Xbox Series X because of individual games. As Phil Spencer revealed in an interview, this even applies to the potential blockbuster Halo: Infinite, whose release is still planned for 2020.

We recently reported that Microsoft is currently expecting the Xbox Series X to launch as planned later this year despite the current corona crisis. But could the postponement of one or the other game ultimately cause a (small) release delay? For example, what if the potential blockbuster Halo: Infinite no longer made it to the market in 2020? Phil Spencer from Microsoft gave a relatively clear answer in an interview with IGN magazine. Referring to the responsible developer studio 343 Industries, he said:

"They are very brave in the current situation. They are learning just like we are all doing it now (…) I don't think we will hold back the launch of the entire platform for any individual game."

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Accordingly, the statement is clear: Even if highly anticipated games like Halo: Infinite should miss the release window 2020 due to the currently difficult circumstances, Microsoft does not plan to delay the Xbox Series X. However, this could change in the coming weeks and months. As Phil Spencer explained during the interview, Microsoft is closely monitoring the current development of the global situation and making further decisions based on it. At least with regard to the current restart of production in China, the company is very optimistic.

Source: Podcast interview with IGN

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