from Philipp Sattler
In the latest update of the Alpha to WoW Shadowlands, the developers shot some of the endless dungeon Torghast. The recently introduced debuff that puts you under time pressure has been revised so that you no longer have to feel rushed. The structure of the different cell blocks was also adjusted.

The community's response has been pretty clear over the past few weeks. The debuffs, which were introduced by the developers in Torghast, the endless dungeon in the Alpha of WoW Shadowlands, so that the players cannot take endless time, met with strong rejection in many places. Though the Devs said they didn't want to be pressed for time, but only wanted to wait minutes for cooldowns in front of each group, many feared that Torghast would become a kind of challenge mode or a variation of mythical-plus dungeons. And since the developers at Shadowlands are more committed to responding to player feedback, they have responded and removed the time pressure – without removing the debuffs. These have just been redesigned.

No more time pressure and new structure

The debuffs of the agony system no longer increase every few minutes, but depending on the level you are on. There is a debuff in each block, which gets stronger with each of the six levels. The debuffs now work as follows:

  • Breath of Coldheart increases the life points of your opponents by five percent.
  • Mort'regar's Echoes increases magic damage caused by enemies by three percent.
  • Might of the Upper Reaches increases enemy physical damage by three percent.
  • All of these effects continue to stack up per level. On the sixth and last level (where the boss is waiting), you already have five stacks of the currently active debuff.
  • If you enter the next block (endless version / twisted corridors) after completing the cell block, you take the stacks with you and receive another debuff.

There were also a number of minor adjustments to Torghast's rewards and structure.

  • Basically, the Torghast endless dungeon (Twisted Corridors) or specific cell blocks, each consisting of six levels, are now available.
  • Two of the six possible cell blocks are available for each ID. Most of these are generated randomly.
  • You no longer get materials for the legendary items in Torghast's endless mode (Twisted Corridors), but only in the individual cell blocks.
  • The higher you get in it, the more materials you can get.
  • If you have finished a cell block, you can visit it again and start directly on level 7 or 13 thanks to the portals (depending on how high you have come before).
  • In endless mode, on the other hand, there will apparently only be cosmetic rewards.

The developers also emphasize again that it is an Alpha. You will look at the reactions and behavior of the players in Torghast and will make further changes if necessary.

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