Nobody expected this success

Corona virus is causing real problems in most businesses and businesses, but Nvidia seems to be able to benefit from it at least in part. Otherwise, the most recent success would probably not have been celebrated.

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Nvidia GeForce Now: Paid membership of the streaming service is currently "sold out"

In recent weeks, Nvidia's Google Stadia competitor GeForce Now has had some negative headlines. More and more publishers pulled their games from the streaming service, the users of GeForce Now were correspondingly angry. It is all the more astonishing that Nvidia can now achieve a real success with GeForce Now, which probably nobody expected. Like the company in one official blog entry announced that the paid Founders Edition of GeForce Now is currently sold out in Europe – and for good reason.

Apparently, the quarantine measures in the context of the coronavirus crisis Nvidia put something on the cards, as a passage from the statement suggests:

"As you can imagine, we're experiencing a significant increase in the number of GeForce Now players and their playing time."

Apparently Nvidia is currently fully exploiting its server capacities and must now take the first consequences. Users of the free version of GeForce Now can continue to use the service – even new registrations are not a problem. The restriction currently only applies to the offer of the better, paid alternative.

One of the features of the paid version of GeForce Now: ray tracing. In the video we explain to you what makes the new graphics technology so unique:

Nvidia GeForce Now: Graphics card manufacturer is already working on a solution

According to its own statement, Nvidia is already working on solving the problem of insufficient server capacity:

“We are working to increase capacity with additional servers in our data centers. And we will offer Founders membership again if the capacity allows it. ”

However, the company leaves open when exactly you can count on Nvidia to get the problem under control.

When it comes to graphics cards, Nvidia still has a tough exchange with AMD, as our top 10 shows:

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Prospective members of the Founders membership must therefore temporarily exercise patience and switch to the free version. Here, users have to do without ray tracing, can play for a maximum of one hour at a time and sometimes have to wait a long time before they can access one of the servers. More information about the streaming service provides Nvidia on the website.