"Nobody talks about it because everyone takes it"

Adam "Killa" Sloss, a well-known Call of Duty professional, spoke in an interview about the widespread misuse of doping agents in esports.

Adderall is a common drug in the U.S. for example to treat ADHD – But it is also misused to increase performance. The first abuse has become known to students who take Adderall to help them focus and complete exam phases.

In one Interview with the Washington Post Adam "Killa" Sloss, a well-known Call of Duty professional, now said that it's not just because of e-sports increasing the ability to concentrate, but also because it improves the speed of reaction, Doping with Adderall is now so widespread that a few leagues are already testing the players. Call of Duty is not one of them.

According to Killa, the use of Adderall is very common. When asked if he'd ever seen anyone with Adderall in the pro scene, he said:

"Seen? Yes, very often and very much, to be honest. It's a big problem. "

For Killa, it was even a reason to end his career in 2019 because it was difficult to keep up without doping, he says. However, he is also worried about young people who often see the professionals as role models and may then also want to take the medicine. "What helps them to be the best", Killa fears that abuse of Adderall will eventually lead to health problems.

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However, Call of Duty is not the only game in which the use of Aderall is common among professionals. Counter-strike pro Kory “Semphis” Friesian confessed in a YouTube interviewthat he and his team took Adderall. Timo "Taimou" Kettunen reports of 20 Overwatch playerswho use the drug to improve performance.

How the publishers behind the leagues want to regulate the use of doping is not known. However, the interview with Killa shows that there is still a need for action. Would you have suspected that doping is also so widespread in e-sports? Write your opinion in the comments.