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Blizzard Entertainment explains that the loot in Diablo 4 will have some small but subtle differences. So currently three different categories of items are planned. One of them should be completely excluded from trading with other players. There is also a reasonable explanation for that.

In action role-playing games, many fans attach great importance to the widest possible selection of items or loot, which they can capture on their raids. This is one of the primary drivers of long-term motivation. The recently announced Diablo 4 should not be an exception in this regard. However, you will not be able to trade all captured items with other games. This was revealed by the responsible Game Director Luis Barriga in an interview with the magazine AusGamers.

"One of the things we're going to do is the fact that we have three categories, items that you can trade freely with, then there are items that will be tied to your character once you trade them And then there are items that you can never trade with, because they are so powerful and special, they are items that you can use to demonstrate a lot of skill or to complete one challenging activity. "

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However, according to Barriga, Blizzard Entertainment has not yet decided which items ultimately end up in the three categories. For this purpose, the development team still massively collects feedback from (internal) tests in order to keep an eye on the sensitive balancing as well as possible. However, it is clear that in Diablo 4 it will not be possible to pass on particularly powerful and thus valuable equipment to other players.

Source: AusGamers

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