Not yet level 60, but (soon) Grand Marshal (rank 14)

from Karsten Scholz
The streamer CrashGaming247 will soon call himself Grand Marshal with his warrior in WoW Classic and be allowed to put on the powerful rank 14 weapons. In order for the latter to become a reality, the player must first level his character to level 60.

In WoW Classic there are some challenges that require a lot of staying power from the heroes of Azeroth. The most time-consuming grind is certainly the long and arduous way at PvP rank 14. But although the hunt for honor takes up an enormous amount of time over weeks and months, countless players were able to master this task in the new Vanilla edition – you just have to look at how many characters in the hardcore guilds have the mighty rank 14 weapons to knock down the raid bosses in record time.

Of the Streamer CrashGaming247 will soon be allowed to join the ranks of the Supreme Warlords and Grand Marshals. In his last update, 13 percent were missing up to rank 14. Crash does not belong to a progress guild. On the contrary, he has only seen Zul'Gurub from the inside so far. The reason: His warrior has not yet reached the maximum level of 60. He could become the first player to get the top PvP rank 14 at level 59.

This achievement is all the more remarkable because the already blatant grind is even more blatant for characters below level 60. You compete with level 60 fighters for a top place in the highest honor area, but at the same time the waiting times are longer because fewer players hang around in bracket 50 to 59 (who then quickly no longer give a kill honor). The honor tokens are also not allowed to be surrendered because, in addition to honor, they also grant experience. And to top it all off, there are also many noble PvP twinks from experienced PvP fans in the 50 to 59 area.

The way from 12th to 13th place alone cost Crash six weeks. For the past month, we've had at least twelve hours of PvP every day. Like streamer Madseason Incidentally, the budding Grand Marshal also had very bad experiences with the PvP community. Some people threatened to pull NPCs near him in Alterac Valley and kill them there so that he could gain experience points and reach level 60 before he could achieve his goal. Others wanted to extort money from him and threatened to hack his account. There were even people who were specially transferred to his server to manipulate the bracket sizes so that he needed even longer for the grind, only to rub it under his nose during a stream afterwards.

While he can ride the Rank 11 mount at level 59, Crash should eventually be level 60 for the powerful Rank 14 weapons (and epic PvP armor).

Source: Wowhead

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