Especially in times of the Corona crisis, when home office is an important factor for many employees and many children and adolescents need a tool for the home because of closed schools, PCs, but especially notebooks, are in great demand. We already published a suitable special for complete PCs four weeks ago – today we take care of notebooks. Because some people who want to buy a notebook – whether due to the corona circumstances or not – ask themselves whether the new device should be suitable for modern PC games and what it will cost.

We have therefore prepared a market overview with current gaming notebooks and also give general tips on the advantages and disadvantages of notebooks to help you decide whether you really need a notebook and if so: whether a gaming ability makes sense makes.

Lenovo Y540 series

Lenovo Y540 series

Source: Lenovo

A little advance notice: At the beginning of next week we will publish a small practical test of an Acer Aspire 7 A715 with an Intel Core i5 and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650. But today we generally take care of (gaming) notebooks.

Notebooks have advantages and disadvantages. We start with the positive aspects and list them in detail.

Price: Laptops are unbeatably cheap, especially for beginners, because notebooks with an SSD as drive and Windows are already available from around 250 euros. A complete PC also with SSD and Windows and (since it has no display) including a monitor is not cheap and you also have problems with a DIY PC that do not exceed 250 euros. The price can, but does not have to be an advantage – more on that later.

Mobility: You can work with a notebook almost everywhere, except in places that are too humid. Even modern 17.3-inch notebooks are no longer particularly heavy and fit well in normal backpacks. And even if you only use the notebook at home, you are mobile within the apartment and can use the laptop in the bedroom, in the living room or in the kitchen. Especially in families, it is easier to retreat to a quiet place. With families it is easier to share the device with each other – everyone can use the device at their favorite place and, unlike the PC, does not always have to be in the same place. .

Space requirements: A laptop naturally takes up little space. If you do not use a mouse, you need a little less space for a normal 15.6-inch notebook than for an open edition of the PC Games.

Acer Predator Helios 300

Acer Predator Helios 300

Source: Acer Predator

WLAN and webcam: In contrast to desktop PCs, WLAN and a webcam are standard for notebooks, although there are individual models without a webcam. Webcams are often important, especially for home offices, and anyone who looks at the current market for webcams will see that the range of available copies is limited due to the Corona crisis.

All-in-one: In general, many users also appreciate that everything necessary is available in one device and you can get started right after Windows has been set up. You may not believe it as an experienced gamer, but: Some people are afraid to connect a PC with a monitor, mouse, keyboard and a router using a LAN cable.

Desktop basis: Some people need a large display for their work – a laptop can of course be connected to a large monitor using an HDMI cable, and you can also connect a correct keyboard and mouse via USB and the laptop, like a desktop PC , a bit away from the monitor.

Power requirements: Notebooks are designed for energy efficiency and use less power than a PC with a monitor. However, the effect should not be overestimated, because modern PCs do not need much power apart from gaming. Especially with strong gaming notebooks, the surcharge for a comparable PC is so high that it does not pay off.



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