It is certainly no secret that there are security measures such as cameras in product warehouses to detect theft and deter thieves. Nevertheless, companies have to be careful not to overdo it with camera surveillance – because certain areas as well as constant monitoring of employees are taboo, as it violates the private rights of employees. The dealer, which started out as a notebook specialist and is based in Sarstedt (Lower Saxony), has done exactly that, namely exaggerated, according to the official data protection officers.

Because as Spiegel Online reports, is supposed to pay a fine of 10.4 million euros because the company is said to have monitored its employees by camera for two years without a corresponding legal basis. In addition to storage and sales rooms, the workplaces and common areas were also monitored, and some customers were also filmed in the waiting area.

Company defends itself

According to, the measures taken were necessary to control the flow of goods and to investigate possible theft or damage. Overall, the dealer, who also operates seven branches in Germany, contradicts the allegations and has lodged an appeal, which is why the penalty is not yet legally valid. argues, among other things, that you do not carry out any monitoring, but only look at the recordings retrospectively in the event that goods are lost or damaged. The penalty is also disproportionately high, also in relation to the financial strength of the company – the company had in 2017 achieved a turnover of over 700 million euros and a profit of over 20 million euros made. It is not known how the situation is currently in Corona times, especially in the branch stores.

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