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The WoW developers recently unlocked the solo queues for the LFR mode of the raids from Battle for Azeroth. That’s why you can now easily farm the Mount GMOD. We’ll explain how it works.

If you single-handedly want to farm the old raids from WoW: Battle for Azeroth for the rare mounts that can drop from the bosses, it is currently not easy. The item level of the equipment from Shadowlands is not yet sufficient for raids like the Battle of Dazar’alor or Ny’alotha for a chance at the Icy tidal storm or the All Seers of Ny’alotha tackle it alone in the mythical level of difficulty. You can now farm one mount solo, namely the combat robot G.M.O.D., which you can loot in the boss fight against Lady Jaina Proudmoore.

GMOD in LFR mode farm

Unlike the other two raid mounts mentioned above, the GMOD also drops in the raid finder mode of Battle for Azeroth. Because the WoW developers released this mode for solo players since the release of patch 9.0.5 you can now blow the alliance mage Jaina Prachtmeer in a relaxed manner and with a little luck bag the robot mount.

To complete the battle for Dazar’alor as a raid and get a chance on the mount, proceed as follows:

  • Visit the associated NPC of your faction to sign up for the solo queue (Alliance: Kiku, Keeper of Tales in the inn at the Trade Wind Market in the northern part of Boralus; Horde: Eppu, Keeper of Tales in the northeast chamber of the Great Seal in Dazar ‘ alor).
  • Choose as raid the battle for Dazar’alor and the wing “Power of the Alliance” with the bosses high tinkerer Mekkadrill, Sturmwallblockade and Jaina Proudmoore.
  • Fight your way through the raid and defeat Jaina to get the mount with a low probability.

Note that the mount drops in LFR mode from Jaina and not as in the other levels of difficulty from high tinkerer Mekkadrill. It will also go straight to your inventory in case you get it as loot from the boss fight against Jaina. So you don’t get the GMOD from the loot chest after you’ve defeated the boss.

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