Now it is bold hackers on the collar

Although Pokémon Go is almost "old-fashioned", the mobile game is still very popular. Brazen hackers made the game much easier for themselves and offered their services to other players for a fee. That's enough of that!

Pokémon GO

Pokémon Go developers vs. hackers: an important decision has been made

In the summer of 2016, Pokémon Go developed into a real trend game within a very short time. Countless players spent their time wandering the parks and streets to catch Pokémon and collect items. The mobile game almost caused a small “fitness wave”. After all, you have to move from A to B on foot to play the game properly.

A short time later, the first hacked versions of Pokémon Go appeared, which made it much easier for players to progress. The company Global ++ made the most famous version available to its paying customers: PokeGo ++. For Niantic, the developers of the original, these hacks have long been a thorn in the side. They sued the providers of the hacked version.

As TorrentFreak reported, both parties were able to reach an agreement. The hacking group pays the developers $ 5 million and also signed a cease and desist declaration. In this way, Global ++ assures Niantic that it will not develop, market or receive any payment for any fraudulent programs or similar products in the future. In addition, they are no longer allowed to sell products that contain Niantic code.

And what else happened? We summarize the most important news of the week for you in the GIGA headlines:

Hackers will be held accountable: decision will also affect other apps

Global ++ not only offered a hacked version for Pokémon Go, but also had modified versions of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Ingress – two other mobile games from Niantic. These apps were also withdrawn from circulation as a result of the agreement between the two companies.

In the hacked versions, the players were able to teleport digitally to other locations via a so-called “location spoofer” in order to collect rewards. There was also an "Auto Walk" feature, which tricked the game into thinking that the player was always on the move.

Magical carp, a piece of butter breaking out, an otter samurai and many other absurd pocket monsters:

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For Niantic, after the agreement, a big stone is likely to fall from the heart. However, it can be assumed that another developer will soon be offering similar services and the battle for the Pokémon Go developers will begin again.