NPCs are said to steal items from dead characters

of Dominik Zwingmann
Fallout 76 currently appears to have a bug where NPCs steal and do not return items from dead players. Several reports on this topic have already appeared in the Reddit forum. Valuable weapons are also affected by this error. The Bethesda team is already reviewing the matter. When players can expect an update is not yet clear.

Just over a week ago, Bethesda released the Wastelanders update for Fallout 76. We already took a detailed look at the new extension in our test. The new features of the update include NPC residents who will be in the Fallout 76 game world in the future.

A player from the Reddit forum has now experienced a strange situation in the game. Accordingly, Lizardinosaurus was busy with a new PvE event, but his hero was then killed by an enemy. Normally, your lost items will be in a bag in the place where you were killed. This was also the case for the Reddit user – however, his Gatling Gun including ammunition was missing. He later noticed that an NPC was walking around in this area with his Gatling Gun. Accordingly, the figure seems to have taken the object. Because NPCs cannot be attacked, the weapon is now gone.

The Bethesda team is said to be working on the matter and reviewing why these situations arise. It is not yet clear whether affected players will get their lost items again. Only at the beginning of the week did Bethesda have the next updates for Fallout 76 (buy now) spoken. The public test servers should also be used more heavily here. Fallout 76 has been available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One since November 14, 2018.

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Fallout 76: NPCs are said to steal items from dead players (1) (Source: Bethesda)

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