Numerous details about the game world and the story

from André Linken
The inXile Entertainment team wants to sell you the rest of the waiting time until the role-playing game Wasteland 3 is released with a just released developer video. In it, some of the employees let you take a look behind the scenes and, among other things, go a little closer to the game world and the story of the RPG. So you get to see the very darkly staged locations as well as some of the characters and their special abilities. On this occasion, you can also see the dialog system in action, with the help of which you can conduct discussions with the NPCs. In addition, the video has some fight scenes ready for you, which are really neat. If everything goes according to plan, after a short delay, Wasteland 3 will appear on August 28, 2020, both on the PC and on consoles.

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