According to current information, Nvidia will release a browser version of GeForce Now's streaming offering for iOS before the end of the year. Among other things, Fortnite would return to Apple devices. The Battle Royale shooter is currently not available in the App Store. Furthermore, Epic Games and Apple are in a legal dispute that revolves around the commission of 30% that Apple collects with every in-app purchase.

Should be Fortnite (buy now € 15.25 ) will actually soon be playable again on the iPhone and iPad via GeForce Now, Apple would not receive any commission for in-app purchases because the purchase is not made through the App Store itself. Nvidia has not yet officially commented on the subject. Around 116 million players are said to use Fortnite via iOS. A total of 63 percent of this number should only play the shooter on iPhone and iPad. Epic Games is currently having to do without numerous users. GeForce Now is currently available for Windows, Mac and Android.

Apple is currently making it very difficult to offer cloud gaming services in the App Store. Due to the strict guidelines, Apple would have to check every single game in advance before it can even be streamed. In addition, each title would have to be offered individually in the App Store. An offer via the browser would bypass this hurdle. Microsoft with xCloud and Amazon with Luna are also already planning to offer their cloud gaming service via the browser for iOS.

Source: BBC

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