The availability of coveted graphics cards such as the GeForce RTX 3080 is still zero. The GPU manufacturer still has a cool ace up its sleeve with which you can bridge the dry spell in a clever way. There is, however, a small catch.

GeForce Now instead of RTX 3090

The shortage of graphics cards in the 30 series from Nvidia will not go away anytime soon, and an improvement in the situation should even be postponed until 2022. Who doesn’t want to wait that long and still can enjoy the the very latest graphics players should definitely take a look at GeForce Now.

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Daniel Nawrat16.04.2021

GeForce Now is a cloud gaming service that gives you a virtual GPU aside and thus works on every rotten PC and helpless work laptop. There is full power, because it even conjures up the possibilities of one for you RTX 3090 on your device – including Nvidia DLSS and ray tracing. So far already use whole ten million users den Gaming Service.

The cool thing about GeForce Now: You can use it to stream the games you have already purchased via Steam or Epic Games without having to rely on a rotating game library, such as the Xbox Game Pass.

There’s a catch too

An obvious catch with cloud gaming offerings is always that Internet connection, through which you obtain the streaming offer. A slow speed and bad latencies thwart the whole thing.

Speaking of bills: Of course, subscription offers are included regular costs connected. But Nvidia also offers one free variant for their service, with which you can enjoy the full graphics power for one hour per session free of charge. Then you have to deal with a waiting period be patient again for a one-hour session.

To avoid this waiting time, GeForce Now naturally also offers a larger package, the Priority membership. You get this for 9.99 euros per month or 99.99 euros per year. Check out GeForce Now memberships here:

Nvidia’s cloud gaming offering currently supports over 800 games, including more than 80 free-to-play games. With the free membership you can start playing with the performance of a GTX 3090 completely free of charge – provided your internet plays along!