GeForce Game Ready driver 461.72

Two days ago we reported about new drivers for AMD Radeon series graphics cards. Now there are also new graphics card drivers from Nvidia, of course not least on the occasion of today's release of the GeForce RTX 3060. Incidentally, the graphics card was sold out in all available variants after a few minutes, at least in regular shops, which should hardly surprise anyone. The new GeForce Game Ready driver in version number 461.72 bring in addition to the official support for the GeForce RTX 3060 also a support for the demo of Outriders – the shooter will not appear until the beginning of April, but the demo is already available on Steam.

Also get Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition (here is our test of the release version from March 2020) and also Mount & Blade 2: Banner Lord the option to use Nvidia's DLSS. With DLSS, parts of the graphics can be calculated with the help of AI, which usually means more FPS than if the graphics card calculates a comparably good graphic without DLSS, as well our special about ray tracing and DLSS at Cyberpunk 2077 shows very well. For the corresponding games, DLSS is only available for the RTX graphics card series. Nvidia's reflex function is again included in Rainbow Six Siege with the new driver version. For Windows 10 (64-bit), the driver package size is just under 629 megabytes. The drivers are compatible with all Titan graphics cards and the GeForce series since the GT 600 generation (GT 630, GTX 660 and so on).



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