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Will the fight of the next generation of game consoles not be won by Sony and Microsoft, but by Nvidia? Jen-Hsun Huang, the company's CEO, says the new gaming laptops will be the best "game consoles".

If you think about the upcoming game consoles, you will definitely have the PS5 and Xbox Series X in mind. Nvidia however, the company's new gaming laptops are included in this area and even believe that they will be the best "consoles".

Gaming laptops as game consoles?

"The amount of notebook sales and the success of Nintendo Switch have really changed the profile of our entire gaming business," said Jen-Hsun Huang during an interview with investors regarding the fourth quarter. "Our notebook business has seen double-digit growth in eight consecutive quarters, and this is undoubtedly a new game category. As if it were a new game console. I think this will be the largest game console in the world."

Jen-Hsun Huang explains this too and says: "The reason is that there are more people with laptops than with any other device. The fact that we were able to integrate RTX into a thin and light notebook is really a breakthrough. This is one of the reasons why we see such great success with notebooks. "

For Nvidia, the new gaming laptops could obviously outstrip the consoles.

Source: PCGamesN

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