Nvidia has another new graphics card on offer – but only sells it quietly. The model cannot be found on the official website or in the shop. The GPU is only available from third-party providers. Current cost: a little more than 4,000 euros. You can’t even gamble with the card. However, as initial reports show, it might still be worth taking a look for miners.


CMP 170HX: Nvidia is making a big secret out of the new mining graphics card

Normally Nvidia fires out of all marketing pipes to launch a new graphics card – but there wasn’t even a press release when the latest model was released. The new graphics card is the Nvidia CMP 170HX – a GPU that was specially designed for mining cryptocurrencies and whose technical data differ greatly from a normal gaming graphics card.

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The new Nvidia CMP 170HX. (Image: Viperatech)

This is how the new mining model is based, for example expensive HBM2e graphics memory, which offers significantly more memory bandwidth than the gaming models. In relation: The RTX 3090 offers around 1 TB per second, whereas the CMP 170HX achieves fast 1.5 TB per second. This increase in performance, which is also reflected in a significantly higher hashrate (CMP 170HX: 160 MH / s @ 200 watts vs. RTX 3090: 95 MH / s @ 350 watts), is being paid for by dealers.

More than 4,200 euros are currently called for the graphics card (source: Viperatech). That may seem damn expensive at first, for miners, on the other hand, the investment could actually be worthwhile if they can get cheap electricity and the price of Ethereum and Co. remains stable.

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New Nvidia graphics card is not for PC gamers

PC gamers, on the other hand, should avoid the graphics card – not just because of the high price. Since the GPU has been optimized for mining, it lacks many features that you would expect from a normal graphics card. So there is about no video outputswith which you could connect the graphics card to your monitor.

Technology expert Linus Sebastian has already taken a close look at the graphics card – and also tried to misuse it:

There is also no fanso that the graphics card can quickly overheat without a separate cooling system. And since the model is not listed on Nvidia’s website, there are no Windows drivers anywhere. Instead, the corresponding software package has to be downloaded and installed from other websites – and even then, compatibility with many programs cannot be guaranteed.