Obsidian: AAA role-playing game in progress

of Andreas Bertits
The developer studio Obsidian Entertainment is currently not only working on the survival game Grounded, but also has another title in the making. It is an AAA role-playing game.

Declared last year Obsidian entertainmentthat despite the announcement of the survival game Grounded, they still want to do role-playing games. And now the company is looking for new employees for the same game.

An AAA RPG is coming

Currently there are 32 vacancies at Obsidian. Including those for employees who are supposed to work on a new AAA role-playing game that is said to have nothing to do with a potential sequel to The Outer Worlds. Nothing more is known about this game. We are looking for employees who are familiar with Unreal Engine 4, which suggests that this upcoming RPG uses this engine. In the job advertisement of the "Graphics Programmer" there is even talk of the "next world class RPG".

It is unknown whether it is a fantasy game or one with a science fiction scenario. We also don't know when we will learn more about this game. Presumably, however, it appears exclusively for the Xbox Series X and Windows 10 PCs, since Obsidian is now part of Microsoft.

Source: Resetera

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