of Karsten Scholz
Even though the developers at Obsidian Entertainment are currently working on a co-op survival game called Grounded, the studio is by no means giving up its role-playing roots. On the contrary, the makers of The Outer Worlds, Pillars of Eternity or Fallout: New Vegas are currently looking for reinforcements for a previously unannounced AAA role-playing project.

The Outer Worlds was a success, Publisher Take-Two sold more than two million units from the last role-playing project from Obsidian Entertainment in the last business quarter. No wonder, after all, those responsible at Obsidian feel at home in the RPG genre. Since 2004, they have proven this over and over again with games such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, Neverwinter Nights 2, Fallout: New Vegas, Pillars of Eternity, Tyranny or recently The Outer Worlds.

We were all the more surprised when last year Obsidian announced a co-op survival title as the next project. But don't worry! The role-playing experts are apparently already working on a second, previously unannounced project, which is described as an AAA-RPG, i.e. an RPG with a large development budget. At least that's possible from the Job area of ​​the Obsidian website is currently looking for reinforcement for 32 open positions (via Resetera).

Apparently, this should not be a successor to The Outer Worlds, but a separate project (even if the chances are good that you want to expand your new franchise in the future). It also seems that the game will use Unreal Engine 4, the job posting for the new "Graphics Programmer" states:

"Obsidian is looking for experienced programmers to work with our team of artists and designers to deliver the artistic vision of our next world class RPG using the Unreal Engine."

As soon as we learn more, we will of course keep you up to date. One thing is clear for us: a new AAA role-playing game from Obsidian? We take!

Grounded: First trailer for the survival game by Obsidian

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