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from Dominik Zwingmann
Facebook has surprisingly stopped selling Oculus glasses in Germany. Those responsible have not yet revealed a reason, but imminent data protection problems seem to have something to do with the sales ban. From October a Facebook account will be required to use Oculus glasses. Supervisory authorities in Germany are currently somewhat critical of this measure.

Without any official reason, Facebook has stopped selling Oculus glasses in Germany. For the time being, only the remaining stocks will be sold at dealers. In a statement on Wednesday it said that the company must first hold talks with regulators. According to current information from world but it is said to be a data protection problem that was recently announced.

Two weeks ago Facebook announced that from October 2020 all new users of Oculus glasses will need a Facebook account, which they then have to link to the hardware. Existing customers have until early 2023 to link their Facebook profile to their Oculus account. But if a new device is bought here, you can no longer avoid a Facebook link.

Some time ago Facebook had difficulties in this country in merging the data of two companies. At that time, the user data from WhatsApp and Instagram should be connected. This project was prohibited by the Federal Cartel Office. Now the supervisory authorities are also critical of the merger of Oculus and Facebook. Incidentally, the sales stop in Germany was not ordered by the authorities, but taken as a "proactive measure" by Facebook.

So far, three models of VR glasses were available with Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest and Oculus Go. The company last announced that it would finally end sales of the Oculus Go in December. There are also rumors about the Oculus Quest S.

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