Abe and his people are back: At the beginning of the year, Oddworld: Soulstorm, the latest offshoot of the Oddworld series (although actually a remake of Abe’s Exodus from 1998) was released for the PC and PlayStation. PS Plus owners even got the brand new title for free.

Thanks to the Enhanced Edition, there is now good news for several parties: Xbox players are happy because they can finally experience Abe’s journey with it on their console. Newbies are happy because they can now start with an even more rounded experience. And owners of the PlayStation or PC version are happy because the new update is completely free for them.

Thanks from the developers

This was announced recently by the developer studio Oddworld Inhabitants on twitter. Accordingly, they want to thank existing players for their support with the free update. After all, long-time fans have made it possible for the series to continue.

The Enhanced Edition should not only include all previous updates, but also bring new content and improved gameplay. What exactly fans can imagine by this has not yet been revealed. But there is still some time until the Enhanced Edition is in stores at the end of November.

For Xbox gamers, it is worth taking a look at Oddworld: Soulstorm (buy now € 49.99) now double by the way. Because the Enhanced Edition also comes in a chic Collectors Edition with an Abe figure, an art book, art prints and much more. How we liked Abe’s trip and the attempt at liberation of his people, you can read in our test.

Those: Oddworld Inhabitants on Twitter

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