from Matthias Brückle
While the weather is slowly getting grayer again, the living room is mutating even more into the center of our world. Accordingly, we would like to recommend a few great articles that entice you with fun, great decoration or simply comfort!

October is just around the corner, the days are getting shorter and, above all, grayer. Do you already hear the voice of your living room that wants to give you comfort? If not, then it might not be inviting enough! We’ll show you a few fine items with which you would like to spend more time in the living room – be it for a lazy solo evening on the couch or simply for a cozy get-together with friends.

Games, decoration and comfort – what does your living room need?

  • This half-moon porcelain bowl set, in which you can pack the snacks of your choice, is stylish. Maybe even ying-yang-like filling one half with chips and the other half with sliced ​​paprika? We leave it to you!
  • With a Skyrim glass mug you can quench your thirst and celebrate one of the best role-playing games of the last ten years. The beautiful logo is based on the sign of the Frostfruit Inn. Alternative jugs revolve around the taverns The Frozen Hearth or Moorside Inn.
  • Alternatively, fantasy friends can grab a Game of Thrones mug made of ceramic. It is optionally available with the coat of arms of the Starks, Targaryens and Lannisters.
  • Speaking of which! Cuddle up in this stylish Game of Thrones blanket, which is adorned with seven different family crests from Westeros.
  • If you are less interested in style than functionality, you can of course simply get a comfortable sleeve blanket. Thanks to built-in sleeves, you are wrapped up and can continue to snack, read, play & Co.
  • The celebrated board game The Quacksalber von Quedlinburg may have a strange name, but with a wide variety of play styles and brewing options, it invites you to keep heating up the cauldron in a group of two to four players – figuratively speaking, of course.
  • The tomcat has become a real comic icon, but the board game with the cute tomcat Simon is more than just a cash grave. The fun game for up to eight players is a wild mix of responsiveness and comprehension, presented in a cute design. With 15 minutes, the game games are also super digestible!
  • Great fantasy and nerd decoration in one is this figure of witcher Geralt from The Witcher 3. The great designed figure is 24cm high and shows the monster butcher in the cool armor of the bear school.
  • The original Star Wars films are available at a low price of 15 euros each in a noble steel book with original illustration. If you’re looking for something to gawk at, you can’t go wrong here.
  • A comfortable exercise mat is the right thing for everyone who doesn’t go outside in bad weather, but still wants to do something for their health. Just pick out a few exercises and take action against rusting on the mat!

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