On March 8th (PC / Mac and Stadia) or on March 16 (Xbox One and PlayStation 4) the time has come: The year-long story starts in March with the DLC "Flames of Ambition" "Gates of Oblivion" from The Elder Scrolls Online. It will continue from June 1st (PC / Mac / Stadia) or June 8th (Xbox One and PS4) in Chapter Blackwood, which will mainly play in the dark forest. Finally, in the third and fourth quarters, a DLC (first dungeon, then story DLC) ends.

With the upcoming content packages at the door and the already existing enormous scope of TESO It is currently enormously worthwhile for those interested in the Tamriel adventure, new or recurring. In this official guide you will find all the important information about the outfit system, which was introduced with Update 17 in February 2018. Among other things, you will learn how to adapt your outfit, how much the fun costs and what the outfit styles are all about. You will also find out how to get additional outfit places, how headgear can be hidden and whether outfits can be adapted spontaneously.

TESO: Update 17 – Official Guide to the Outfit System

TESO: Where do I adjust my outfit?

At the assembly table! As part of Update 17, all dyeing tables will be upgraded to equipment tables. This means that any dyeing table that was previously in Tamriel (whether in the wild or in your homes) will be converted and you can use it to dye your equipment as well as to create outfits. Assembly tables can usually be found near other craft tables in most major cities. Note that the appearance of your equipment table in the home is not changed.

TESO: How do I start if I want to customize my outfit?

To get started, just go to the equipment table and choose on the left Select outfit "Montur 1". (You can get additional outfits after the first outfit. We'll explain how to do this below.) Once you've selected the outfit you want to customize, the armor style and weapon style options are available and you can start!

TESO: What can I customize?

Nearly everything! If you use the equipment table, you can change the appearance of the armor slots head, torso, shoulders, hands, waist, legs, feet as well as the primary weapon (s) and secondary weapon (s). Note that you should use the weapon switch option to customize your second weapon set.

TESO: How do I adapt a kit?

It's a bit like putting on gear. To customize a specific armor slot, select the slot under the armor styles or weapon styles categories to see all the options available to you. As you choose the options for different seats, you will see how these would look on your character. Remember that you don't really customize your items, but rather overwrite the appearance of each individual space.

<img src = "https://www.pcgames.de/screenshots/1020x/2018/01/TESO-Montursystem-2-buffed.jpg" alt = "TESO: Update 17 – Official Guide to the Outfit System – Here we pick a chic style for our chest slot. & Nbsp;”/>

TESO: Update 17 – Official Guide to the Outfit System – Here we pick a chic style for our chest slot.

Source: Zenimax

So that you can better manage your available options, there are filters to show only light, medium or heavy items. You can Show blocked or hide them so that you see or do not see the styles you do not yet own. The function is also available to you Filter by available to search for specific keywords. When you edit your character, you can preview each of the different Outfit Styles, but you can only apply them if you already own them. If you are satisfied with your selection, you choose Apply changesto save your outfit.

TESO: How much does it cost to adjust my outfits?

The gold cost for customization varies for each individual seat. This depends on several factors:

  • The size of the space (for example, it costs more to adjust a torso than just your hands)
  • The rarity of the style you apply to the square (for example, it may cost more to apply the Telvanni style than the basic Dark Elf style)
  • Whether you also color the outfit space or not

On this basis, the cost of gold can vary from hundreds to thousands. If you go through the different styles for the different places, you will see the in the tooltip for the item Application costs; and once you apply it you can see the total cost of Apply changes view in the window of the assembly table below. As an alternative to gold, you can Gear marks buy in the Crown Store. A single outfit brand covers the cost of a complete outfit change (not just a single seat), regardless of the seats you adjust or how rare the styles you use are. Therefore, when you use a kit brand, you should get the most out of it! Outfit Tokens can be found in the Crafts section of the Crown Store under the Outfit Tokens category.

TESO: Does the style have to match the subject?

Not really! Most parts allow you to customize their appearance regardless of the type of item you are wearing. That means, for example, that you can make your heavy armor look like light or your sword look like an ax. There is one caveat, however: You cannot make one type of weapon or armor look like another. You can't make your bow look like a two-handed sword and your helmet won't look like a boot, no matter how fun it was!

TESO: What are the outfit styles and how do I learn them?

To design a new outfit, you need to know the outfit styles. You can learn these through the various crafting styles that all characters have unlocked on your account. To get new outfit styles, learn new craft styles! This means that when you design an outfit for a character, you can use the crafting style that another of your characters knows. This has to do with the fact that with Update 17 all known crafting styles are in a new collection type called Outfit styles be transmitted. You can see the currently known Outfit Styles and a preview of them in your collections if you select the "Outfit Styles" option. To ensure that all of your known crafting styles get into your collections, be sure to log in with each of your characters at least once after Update 17 goes live (so that their known crafting styles are broadcast).

TESO: How do I get more gear slots?

If you ever want to have more than one existing outfit, you can get additional outfit slots in the in-game Crown Shop. You can find them in the crafting section and you can have up to ten outfit slots per character. Remember that new Outfit slots will not be shared with other characters on your account.

TESO: Can I dye my outfits?

Yep! You can color your outfit slots like any other gear or costume. To color outfits, go to the category colors on the outfit table, choose from your available colors and apply them to the respective place. When you're done, you can save your changes by clicking Apply changes elects. Note that you always have to pay a little gold per place when dyeing outfits. There is no cost to dye normal gear (as usual) and you must still be an ESO Plus member to dye costumes. With the outfit system, you can even color your weapons and there is a new color set called "Materials" based on the colors of the traditional armor ranks.

TESO: How do I hide my headgear now?

If you adjust your outfit, you can choose the option on the outfit tableHide headgear switch on for each individual gear. You can find the option above all of your available styles. It is no longer in your settings. You can also hide your headgear by choosing the option free sightuses in the collections. You can find this in the Appearance category under headgear.

TESO: What about my ability to use the Morag Tong style or the Imperial style?

These styles have been added to your Outfit Styles and can be applied to the Outfit Table. Note that you don't have to pay anything to use these styles as you would if you normally create an outfit. You can see this from the fact that your application costs are "0".

TESO: Can I change my outfit spontaneously?

Yes! You can change (or turn them off) your current outfit from the Outfit Styles section of your Collection menu or from your Character Menu. As a reminder: You can only create and adapt outfits on assembly tables.

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