Old enchantments are only effective up to level 50

from Philipp Sattler
With the level and item squish that awaits us in the upcoming WoW expansion Shadowlands, tons of items have to be adjusted. Including various old enchantments and other items with which you can improve your armor. From the pre-patch, these can only be used up to level 50.

With the start of a new WoW expansion, the professions are usually also updated and given new content. This of course also applies in Shadowlands. There is again new armor and weapons that the craftsmen can make for you. In addition, some professions are allowed to make improvements to existing armor – for example enchantments or telescopic sights. At the same time, Blizzard is currently working on changing all old improvements so that they can no longer be used for the upcoming expansion. In the last build, a lot of old enchantments were adjusted so that they can only be used up to level 50.

This is important because with Shadowlands the level and item squish comes into play. Thanks to the lower levels and the ability to walk the path from level 10 to level 50 with each of the old expansions, many enchantments and the like need to be adjusted to work at all of these levels and with all item levels along the way. At the same time, this ensures that some old item improvements in the endgame of Shadowlands might be better than the new counterparts. Therefore, Blizzard is now gradually limiting all improvements from all old expansions with the addition that the effect only works up to level 50.

For the new level path, there are tons of different improvements available to you, while from Shadowlands you have to rely completely on the enchantments, which then come into the game.

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Source | wowhead

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