Old Legionary Legions are switched off

from Philipp Sattler
With the upcoming WoW expansion, Legendarys from Legion will be finally switched off. You can still put them on, but they will no longer benefit from their effect even in time migration dungeons and the like.

Legendary items have had a very special attraction for WoW players for some time. In the days of Thunderfury and Sulfuras something special, the game later tossed around with Legendarys. Inflation surely peaked in Legion when over a dozen different Legendarys were available to each class.
And also with the upcoming expansion Shadowlands we will again hunt for legendary items that are particularly strong – among other things connected with Torghast.

Currently, the effect of the Legendarys only turns off at level 116. & nbsp;

The effect of the Legendarys currently only turns off at level 116.

Source: Buffed

In return, the old Legionarys from Legion are now completely switched off. In BfA they are still useful for leveling up to level 115 before they lose their additional effect. In the case of time migration events, however, you can still use them well, which is also done by many. In Shadowlands, however, this will no longer be possible. The legendary items are packed into the so-called legacy items, which are actually only useful as a template for transmog.

This adjustment is one of the changes that are not necessarily very popular with the players. In the official forums is already requested to undo this change or not to let the live server at all. Suggestions are also made as to how the Legendarys could be adjusted so that they have no influence on the end game, which is not that easy due to the level and item squish.

Do you still use the old Legendarys for time migration events or do they rot in your empty warehouse anyway?

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