Update from December 19:
The developers of Blizzard have released an update in the official article for the new "Advertise a Friend" program for World of Warcraft. This update is particularly interesting for players who used the old version of the program in the past but had not yet redeemed all of the rewards. Specifically, it says:

"UPDATE: If you used the previous "Advertise a Friend" program, you will no longer be able to participate from December 31, 2019. Any unredeemed rewards will expire and we will disable the redeeming feature. "

The following rewards are affected:

Original message:
The revamped "recruit a friend" program was announced by Blizzard as a major feature of WoW Patch 8.2.5 and was launched in the course of the launch on Wednesday, September 25th official patch notes of the update listed. Clearly, many players had assumed that they could use the system from the day. The developers later made it clear that the program would only be activated at a later point in time – and this point has now come!

How "Recruit a Friend" Works

"Advertise a friend" can be used to recruit players with a new account, but also players with accounts that have been inactive for at least 24 months. Up to ten players can be connected to an account via friend referral.

Follow these steps to recruit a friend:

  1. Log in World of Warcraft on.
  2. Opens the friends list (Default: hotkey O) and clicks on the tab Advertise a friend,
  3. Click on Advertise.
  4. An individual link for "Advertise a friend" will be created, which can be shared with your friends.
    • Note: This link can be used to create up to four new accounts or to connect existing ones. A new link must be created for further connections, this is possible every 30 days.

(buy now for € 39.99) As soon as your friend has used the link and activated his account, the connection will be established. You can now play World of Warcraft together and get the in-game benefits and rewards! Before connecting the accounts, the referred friend must agree that the advertiser can see the following information:

  • The BattleTag or the Real ID (this depends on the selected privacy settings).
  • Whether the advertised account has playing time.
  • The online status of the referred player.

The connection between the two accounts remains until the referred player has added 12 months of paid game time. Both advertisers and advertisers have the option to end the connection themselves. If the advertised account has no active playing time for up to six months, the connection will also be released.

In the 'Friends' tab, there is now a new area for the 'Advertise a friend' program.

In the "Friends" tab, there is now a new area for the "Advertise a friend" program.

Source: Buffed

Benefits and rewards

The connection of the accounts has advantages for advertisers and advertisers:

  • Both players can summon each other via the friend list every 30 minutes.
  • Both players receive a 50% experience and 10% reputation gain by defeating monsters and completing quests. The following conditions apply:
    • Both characters must be in the same group and together within a radius of 100 meters.
    • The level difference must not be more than 4 levels.
    • Monsters and quests must not be too easy (shown in gray) for both characters.

Note: The experience bonus from recruiting a friend doesn't stack with heirlooms.

You can also view the 'Recruit a Friend' program rewards directly in the game.

You can also view the Rewards of a Friend program directly in the game.

Source: Buffed

Rewards for the advertiser

Advertisers will receive the following rewards in return for bringing new and old players to Azeroth:

  • Special quests that can be completed with the referred player and rewarded with in-game items and currencies. These quests can be viewed through the Werbt a Friend user interface.
  • If the advertiser adds at least 30 days of game time (up to 12 months per friend), you will have access to special in-game rewards.
    • All rewards can be redeemed through the Advertise a Friend interface.
    • The first 12 rewards are given monthly, with one reward per recruit possible. After that, you always get 30 days of play every three months of play that your referred friends acquire.
    • If one of the recruited players adds more than 30 days of game time at a time (for example, through a 6-month subscription), the advertiser will receive one monthly reward and another one each month based on the start date and time of the player's season.
    • If several recruited players add 30 days of playing time (example: each recruited player buys one month of playing time), the recruiter receives a monthly reward for each recruited player.
    • Rewards cannot be redeemed while the referred player's payment is still being processed. This can usually take up to three days; with certain payment methods, processing can take up to 8 days.

Via the tab 'recruit' you generate the invitation for the & nbsp; 'Advertise a friend' program.

Via the "Recruit" tab you generate the invitation for the "Advertise a friend" program.

Source: Buffed

The rewards for the first twelve months read in detail as follows:

  • 1 month: Rikki – pet, monkey
  • 2 months: playing time
  • 3 months: Explorer's dune scraper – mount for two
  • 4 months: Title Famous Researcher
  • 5 months: playing time
  • 6 months: weapon enchantment: piercing sands
  • 7 months: tabard of the famous researcher
  • 8 months: playing time
  • 9 months: Explorer's jungle hop – flight mount for two
  • 10 months: Backpack of the famous researcher – transmog skin
  • 11 months: playing time
  • 12 months: costume of the famous researcher – transmogset

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