Can it be a new TV for Black Friday weekend 2019? Whether OLED, QLED or LCD, whether from Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony or another manufacturer, whether with 42, 55, 65 or even over 70 inches – GIGA is looking out for you the best TV offers, updated regularly! Today with LG and Philips OLED TVs in 55 and 65 inches, several very affordable Ambilight devices and 4K TVs at 75 inches under 900 euros.

Note: All prices and comparison prices quoted for Black Friday televisions are exclusive including shipping, The is usually carried out by freight forwarding and is correspondingly more expensive than a normal parcel delivery – usually about 30 euros.

2019 OLED for under € 1,000: LG OLED55B97LA at Black Friday for the best price

So far, the right blast prices for OLED TVs made rar, now it's finally going on: OLED panel The LG OLED55B97LA measures 55 inches diagonally, resolves in 4K, has the lowest possible black levels and high contrast, intense colors and a perfectly uniform image that looks great even from steep angles. Of course, there are also all the delicacies that are known from LG OLED TVs, including the Magic Remote and the successful webOS 4.5 with apps for all relevant streaming providers. A triple tuner as well HDR support (Dolby Vision) may not be missing in a top model, of course. With the support of HDMI 2.1, the device is also future-proof and makes gamers happy.

Of the LG OLED55B97LA is at MediaMarkt for 997 euros instead of 1,338.90 euros to have.

And also the 65 inch version LG OLED65B97LA is available at Saturn at the historic best price – currently it costs 1,599 euros instead of 2,038.90 euros,

OLED TV with Ambilight: Philipps 55OLED804 reduced by 300 euros

Who at the same time one OLED panel with its deep blacks and intense colors, but also on Philips' AmbilightDo not want to renounce the technology that "expands" the image with light on the back wall OLED804 from Philips to target. All relevant technical requirements are on board this 2018 featured high-end TVs, the panel also resolves in 4K on. Another specialty: The Philips OLED804 supports the two HDR competition standards HDR10 + and Dolby Vision – that can be the least devices. Not for nothing is the TV one of the recommendations in the GIGA-Kaufberater "The best TV", also the Stiftung Warentest awards the grade 1.8.

The with 55-inch screen diagonal is currently available at Amazon for 1,399.99 instead of 1,699 euros – almost 300 euros less than the next best price and as cheap as ever, Shipping costs are not incurred.

If you prefer a bigger picture, you also save: the 65 incher costs at Amazon just 2,177 euros instead of 2,598.99 euros – also historical best price!

TV highlight for Black Friday: Philips 65PUS6704 – stylish Ambilight TV at a reduced price

The Ambilight TVs from Philips have a back lighting that throws colors matching the picture to the wall. The fans of technology swear that this makes the picture subjectively larger. In this 2019 model with 3-way Ambilight That is almost unnecessary, because with 65 inches Diagonal image may already be called the actual image area confidently as lush. Also there's a check mark for all the requirements that you can have on a TV 2019: A bright, stable-angle LEDPanel in 4KResolution and with 60 Hz, HDRSupport (HDR10 + and Dolby Vision), Triple tuner. WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS, 3 × HDMI (including ARC and CEC), 2 × USB, CI + module slot and all Pipapo. The Stiftung Warentest has for the almost identical model PUS6804 (another stand) the Grade 2,4 forgive.

The Philips 65PUS6704 currently available at for 678.95 EUR (including shipping) instead 783.90 euros, Are you new customer, you can with the coupon code 82105 save 15 euros.

TV on Black Friday: All greatly reduced TV deals in the overview

  • Samsung Q70R + Xbox One S + Forza Horizon 4: 49-inch QLED TV + game console with 4K Blu-Ray feature at Samsung for 899 euros instead of 1010.95 euros
  • LG OLED55B97LA: 55 inch 4K OLED TV from 2019 at MediaMarkt for 997 euros instead of 1338 euros
  • Panasonic TX-GZW1004 55 inch 4K OLED TV at Euronics for 1539 euros instead of 1998 Euro
  • Sony KD-55XF9005: 55 inches 4K TV with full array LED, Stiftung Warentest rating: 2.1, at Saturn for 688 euros instead of 799 euros
  • : 55 inch 4K OLED TV with Ambilight at Amazon for 1,399.99 euros instead of 1699 euros
  • LG OLED65B97LA: 65 inch 4K OLED TV at Saturn for 1,599 euros instead of 2,038.39 euros
  • : 65 inch 4K OLED TV with Ambilight at Amazon for 2,177 euros instead of 2,598.99 euros
  • Philips 65PUS6804: 65 inch 4K LED TV, 3-way Ambilight, triple tuner, metatarsus and silver frame at for 828.95 instead of 891.04 euros
    Tip: Use as Otto new customer the coupon code 82105 for 15 euros discount
  • Philips 65PUS6704: 65 inch 4K LED TV, 3-way Ambilight, Triple tuner at for 678.95 euros instead of 783.90 euros
    Tip: Use as Otto new customer the coupon code 82105 for 15 euros discount
  • Sony KD-65XG9505: 65 inches 4K LED TV (Direct-lit), HDR10 + / HLG, Triple Tuner, Android TV at Saturn (only single markets) for 1,299 euros instead of 1,399 euros,
  • LG 65UM7510PLA: 65 inch 4K IPS TV with Triple Tuner, Magic Remote, HDR10 Pro at for 707.94 euros instead of 876.90 euros
    Tip: Use as Otto new customer the coupon code 82105 for 15 euros discount
  • LG 75UM7000PLA: 75 inch 4K IPS TV with 60 Hz, triple tuner, HDR 10 Pro / HLG, webOS 4.5 at Euronics (only single markets) for 828 euros instead of 899 euros
  • TCL 75EP661X1: 75 inch 4K LED TV with Android TV 9, HDR Pro, Triple Tuner at for 829.95 euros instead of 899 euros
    Tip: Use as Otto new customer the coupon code 82105 for 15 euros discount
  • Samsung UE82RU8009 + Samsung Galaxy A80: 82 inch edge-lit 4K LED TV, triple tuner for 1.978,90 euros instead of 2,199 euros
    Note: Register after purchase here and Samsung Galaxy A80 (value about 323 euros) get for free

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