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Playstation can look forward to the most loyal fans of the gaming industry. At least this is the result of a current survey with over 1,000 respondents. Microsoft and Nintendo are also just behind. But not only the loyalty of the consoles is the topic of the survey. The eternal duel between Android and Apple was also questioned.

A recent survey on the Internet has shown that Playstation has the most loyal fans in the gaming scene. A total of 40.7 percent of the 1,008 respondents remain loyal to the Sony console. The other console representatives with Microsoft (31.0%) and Nintendo (30.4%) follow directly behind. At the bottom of the list are the VR representatives of HTC Vive (3.6%) and Oculus Rift with 3.3%.

Every third respondent plans to buy the new PlayStation 5 in the future. For the upcoming Xbox Series X, this will affect every fourth person in the survey. 8% want to buy both consoles when they appear in stores later this year. The survey also looked at loyalty in other areas. 49.2% describe themselves as an Android person, while 44.9% feel they belong to the Apple warehouse.

The decisive factors for the purchase of a product were also questioned. Accordingly, the price of 90.3% is clearly ahead of the rest. Online tests (69.2%) and recommendations from the environment (53.6%) are also factors when purchasing.

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