The love of video games as a hobby can take on very special proportions: Many gamers like to immortalize their favorite games or characters under their skin. We’ll tell you now which franchises and characters are most popular among tattoo creations.

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United Forever: Which Gaming Tattoos Are Most Popular?

In an analysis of Instagram hashtags Casino recently the most popular Video game tattoos and shows which series of games are most likely to get under the gamer’s skin.

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A representative makes all other games green with envy and beats them by lengths: Pokémon. Take a look at the entire ranking in the table:

Rang Video game franchise Hashtag Number of Instagram posts
1 Pokémon #pokemontattoo 195.504
2 Legend of Zelda #zeldatattoo 59.155
3 Super Mario #mariotattoo 19.628
4 Kingdom Hearts #kngdomheartstattoo 10.731
5 Final Fantasy #finalfantasytattoo 9.754
6 God of War #godofwartattoo 6.855
7 Bioshock #bioshocktattoo 5.994
8 Fallout #fallouttattoo 5.983
9 The Witcher #witchertattoo 5.815
10 Halo #halotattoo 5.440

Pokémon has with its meanwhile 898 pocket monsters to offer a decent number of motifs, so it is not surprising that the franchise was engraved three times more than Runner-up Zelda. With 59,155 tattoo posts, The Legend of Zelda is not only particularly popular as a video game, but obviously also as a colored memory on the skin.

But Pokémon isn’t just ahead of the game as a game franchise. If you look at the most popular Video game characters on, a character from Pokémon can claim the winner’s podium: Pikachu! The following list shows you which video game characters also adorn the bodies of many gamers:

Rang Character Franchise Character hashtag Number of Instagram posts
1 Pikachu Pokémon #pikachutattoo 21.492
2 Mario Super Mario #mariotattoo 19.628
3 Kratos God of War #kratostattoo 5.539
4 Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot #crashbandicoottattoo 5.440
5 Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog #sonictattoo 4.597
6 Chun-Li Street Fighter #chunlitattoo 3.659
7 Yoshi Super Mario #yoshitattoo 3.463
8 Pac-Man Pac-Man #pacmantattoo 3.153
9 Spyro Spyro #spyrotattoo 3.115
10 Kirby Kirby #kirbytattoo 2.574

Nintendo characters are the huge winners when it comes to choosing a motif for a tattoo. Or the wearers are simply those who like to share their creations with the world on Instagram.

Even if Pokémon tops the list of the most popular gaming tattoos, the colored memories are not always as successful, as this series of photos proves:

Would you have assessed the ranking that way? And do you also have your favorite gaming favorite as a tattoo on your skin? Visit us on Facebook and tell us about your game tattoos in the comments!