Co-op shooters are now a dime a dozen, but only very few can motivate and retain their players over a long period of time. One of the most popular genre representatives, whose players have been loyal to him for several years, is now finally getting a sequel.


Payday 3 confirmed: new bank robbery shooter in development

Payday 2 has been on the market for more than 7 years. While the co-op shooter was not very successful on consoles, the game is still a real hit on Steam today – and rightly so! Because the developers have updated Payday 2 at regular intervals with new content such as heists, weapons, characters and skills.

Even today try on average around 30,000 Steam players at the same timeto fight your way through well-guarded banks, casinos or military facilities, to bag a lot of money and loot of all kinds and then to flee. The game also has one of the craziest secret endings of all time.

Reminisce once more – Payday 2 started with this trailer back then:

But fans have been waiting for an official successor to follow in the footsteps of the cult game for years. This wait seems to be coming to an end soon. Because the following post was recently posted on the official Payday 2 Twitter account, which makes many players cheer:

Payday 3: Information about the co-op shooter is still in short supply

With the tweet it is now official: Payday 3 is in development – albeit in an early design phase. In addition, the team will finally complete the long overdue engine change and henceforth rely on the modern Unreal Engine. There is no official release date yet. The fans don't seem to mind, they are on fire.

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Due to the planned engine change, some players are still thinking about the mod support of Payday 3. After all, the modding community is an integral part of the current game and is also responsible for Payday 2's still so popular today.

The developers have so far not given the fans any further information about the successor. However, the legacy Payday 3 is taking on is a big one. We keep our fingers crossed that the game lives up to the expectations of the fans.

Robert Kohlick
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