One of the best console features struggles with a problem

Not even a month separates us from the launch of Xbox Series S and Series X. But it seems as if the consoles could use a little more fine-tuning. According to the latest information, one of the new console features is still causing problems.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X: Quick Resume throws games from memory without being asked

The new consoles not only have significantly more powerful hardware, Microsoft and Sony also advertise numerous new functions that should make PS5 and Xbox Series X even better. One of the most popular features of the new Xbox is Quick Resume. Thanks to the technology, it is possible to switch between different games at lightning speed. Instead of having to end a game and then start the new one, several are running in the background. At the push of a button, the player can switch between games within a few seconds.

The problem: how businessinsider reported, the number of slots for the "Quick Resume" feature is limited. A maximum of 6 games can be stored in the fast cache, previously there was talk of 12. The crux of the matter: The Xbox does not yet warn players when the maximum number of "Quick Resume" slots has been reached. If another game is started, another one from the list is closed – without warning! Those who have not previously saved can lose a large part of their game progress in one fell swoop.

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To avoid frustration among the players, Microsoft could provide the function with an update. If a game is started when all the “Quick Resume” slots are already occupied, a message could appear, for example, informing the player beforehand that another game will be closed before the new one can be started. In the best case, the player can even select beforehand which game should be closed from the list and, if necessary, save the game status beforehand.

At the same time, it should be noted that this is a niche problem. Very few players will play more than 6 games on their console in a single session. No wonder Microsoft has apparently escaped this problem so far.

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