The new Xbox Series consoles from Microsoft not only have significantly more power than their predecessors but also offer some interesting functions. One of them is particularly useful for gamers, but turns out to be a real power hog that could end up costing billions.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X / S: Practical console function turns out to be a power hog

Microsoft's new Xbox Series X offers various practical functions that make the console even better and, above all, faster. In addition to the Xbox-exclusive Quick Resume, which lets you switch between several games in a few seconds, the Xbox Series range also offers two different energy modes.

While the “Fast start-up” setting ensures that the console starts up within a very short time and the players can install games on their Xbox via the app while on the move, the “Energy-saving” mode lives up to its name. It deactivates these functions, but also ensures that the console uses significantly less power.

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Robert Kohlick05/11/2020

What a huge difference that makes, they have Energy experts from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) found out. According to their projections, the "fast boot" mode of the new Xbox devices will keep American gamers overall additional electricity costs worth around one billion US dollars arise – an unbelievably horrific sum! The bottom line is that the adjustment would consume almost 4 billion additional kilowatt hours in the USA over the next few years, which corresponds to CO2 emissions of around 3 million tons.

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Save money with the Xbox: Experts give energy-saving tips

In order to do not only a favor for your own wallet but also for the environment, the energy experts recommend that players switch their console to "save energy" mode. Xbox users can find the corresponding setting under "Settings" -> "General" -> "Energy mode & start" -> "Energy mode". The change drastically reduces the power consumption of the console in standby. According to the energy experts, the power consumption of the Xbox Series S drops from around 10 watts to less than one watt.

Do you want to save even more electricity? We'll show you a few simple tips to help power guzzlers:

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This is how it works: Save electricity when using digital devices

Above all, the NRDC criticizes the fact that Microsoft advises its users in all regions to use the power-hungry stand-by mode when starting for the first time. In Europe only, when setting up Xbox consoles, gamers will be suggested to use the “Energy Saver” mode to meet energy efficiency requirements.