Only 3 Torghast levels to start

from Sebastian Glanzer
The endless dungeon Torghast will initially only start with three available levels at the start of WoW Shadowlands, which means that players will not be able to collect enough soul ash to craft their first Legendary in week 1 after the release.

In a group interview, WoW's Game Director Ion Hazzikostas shared the information that Torghast will only open three of the planned eight levels at the beginning of the new Shadowlands expansion. Levels 1-3 will open after the weekly reset, levels 4-6 will be unlocked when the first raid on Nathria Castle is released on December 9th. Levels 7-8 can be accessed one week later.

Players collect the coveted resource via the endless dungeon Soul ashneeded for forging legendary items. So far, the reward structure for Torghast looks like this:

Level 1: 120 soul ash
Level 2: 100 soul ash
Level 3: 85 soul ashes
Level 4: 70 soul ashes
Level 5: 60 soul ash
Level 6: 50 soul ash
Level 7: 45 soul ash
Level 8: 40 soul ash

Given the current prices for crafting a Legendary item, that would mean you can't craft your first Legendary in Week 1 of Shadowlands. The required soul ash could be adjusted again based on this new information.

So, this is something that players haven't seen on beta yet, because of the state the beta servers are at with unlocks. We'll only have the first three layers of Torghast available at launch. Layers four through six will open when Nathria opens and the season starts. Layers seven and eight will become available the following week, alongside Mythic Nathria and everything else. And yes, the intent is certainly that the high layers will require higher gear levels. Of course, the very best players will be able to overcome those hurdles as they do everywhere. But there is a progression we are trying to build towards with Torghast.

– Ion Hazzikostas


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