Only two levels of fame can be earned this week

of Philipp Sattler
The levels of fame that you can earn each week in WoW are in a sense the most important resource in Shadowlands. Because behind them hide, among other things, the upgrading of your soul bonds or the individual chapters of the pact campaign. Up until now, you could unlock three levels of fame every week. From now on this is no longer the case.

In the past few weeks, a certain sort of routine had returned to most of the players. On Wednesdays at the start of the new ID, the big treasure chamber was opened first and then the new weekly quests were done. These were, among other things, the two pact quests for which you had to save souls from the gullet and obtain 1000 anima. These were especially important as they each gave you two levels of fame. Then the new pact campaign quest unlocked, which provided you with the third level of fame.

Unfortunately, the latter is no longer applicable from now on. Those who worked hard every week ended their pact campaign last week for the time being. New content for the campaigns can only be expected with the upcoming patch 9.1. Conversely, this means that, along with the weekly campaign quest, the weekly reward in the form of a level of fame is no longer available. From today, January 20th, you can only do the anima and soul quests weekly and gain fame for it. Instead of three, there are a maximum of two levels per week.

Of course, this only applies if you are at the upper limit. If you are only now entering the endgame or are on the road with a twink, you can continue to receive fame levels from various sources (including appointments, raid bosses or rare opponents) in order to work your way up to the current level. You can get this ID to a maximum of level 26 and thus unlock another talent series of a soul band and get access to transmogg templates for the back, legs and feet.

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