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In the upcoming patch 8.3 of the World of Warcraft expansion Battle for Azeroth, you can also play Operation Mechagon, which is a mythical "Megadunge", in two heroic parts via a group search tool. Below the information.

Introduced with content patch 8.2 "Azshara's Ascension", the "Megadunge" Operation Mechagon should become one of the highlights of the current World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth expansion, especially for Gnome, Steampunk and Engineering fans. Visually, the instance is really successful, but it hapert in the inner values. Given the amount of time it takes to complete the game and the loot set with Itemlevel 415, regular visits are hardly worth the effort, and the difficulty of finding a group and the permanent leaves in the middle of the instance can be a last resort.

The conceptual problems are all the more serious because the completion of the complete Mechagon history thread (including Operation Mechagon) is required, inter alia, for the activation of the mechagnomes as a playable people. The developers have responded to the criticism in the forums and will therefore split Operation Mechagon in two parts in the upcoming patch 8.3 "Visions of N'Zoth". In addition, these are then available via the group search tool in a heroic version, so that the completion of the Mechagon Quest series should not stand in the way after the launch of the update.

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