Opinions differ on the Grimmling Flitzer wings

In the meantime, it has become a tradition that WoW players who treat themselves to a WoW subscription for a longer period of time receive a visually abundant conspicuous goodie for their loyalty and commitment. It was no different with a sailing ship than with the transmogset Grimmling Flitzerflügel, which has been available since October 20, 2020 for the conclusion of a 6-month subscription. Yes, it is very noticeable. No wonder, the Grimmling Flitzer Wings are inspired by a Grimmling Flitzer, and they are known for their bright colors, which are supposed to scare off enemies. Anyone who decides for the six-month subscription by December 14, 2020 will receive the Grimmling Flitzer wings for free. If you only want the Grimmling Flitzer wings and don't care about the subscription, you have to slam 20 euros on the virtual shop counter.

Optics is always one of those things. Either you like a look or you don't. Even those who get the transmogset for free because of the 6-month subscription are not forced to use it. What attracts the malice and ridicule of the gamblers to the people of Blizzard Entertainment is again the eternal discussion of whether there should be cosmetic items for sale in the shop or not. The like / dislike ratio of the introduction videos on Youtube speaks different languages. The English says: about 2,800 likes, about 22,000 dislikes with more than 220,000 views after three days (as of October 23, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.). The German, on the other hand, says 221 likes, 559 dislikes and almost 18,000 views in the same period.

The US American WoW channel on Youtube

Source: Blizzard

The US American WoW channel on Youtube

The German WoW channel on Youtube

Source: Blizzard

The German WoW channel on Youtube

Even if you would adjust the views, it is noticeable that the English video is on the US account of World of Warcraft (buy now 15.00 € ) once received a lot more hate than the one on the German YouTube account for WoW. Some fans even believe this is the most (and fastest) "hated" official video for Wow.

But also from the memes that sprout like mushrooms from the forest floor shortly after the introduction of the Glimmlingflitzerset after an autumn rain, it can be clearly seen what could possibly be the problem in the eyes of the fans: Activision CEO Bobby Kotick's hunger for money who, in the eyes of WoW fans, even rivals goblin boss Gallywix. The Authors of IcyVeins have put together a small collection.

Somehow, there is always a taste in such campaigns if parts of the proceeds are not donated to a good cause as usual with the charity pet. Or what do you think of the Grimmling Flitzer Wings? Absolutely chic – or absolutely not hot?

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