Update from January 13, 2020: A look at the price lists of the PCGH-PCs from Alternate tells us that the prices have remained stable compared to the last update, only the PCGH Enhanced-PC Super-Edition Complete PC (offer 2) is a tick – 30 euros – more expensive become. After all, you currently benefit from free shipping on all offers! Below we have the overview of the current prices for you as usual!

In the past it was joked that an online role-playing game like World of Warcraft would also run on a toaster – but over time even Blizzard's MMORPG has become more demanding. That being said, many developers have beautiful MMO daughters out there who are worth a look. And by no means all of these online adventures are particularly frugal with their hardware requirements. With MMOs, as with any shooter, walking simulator or MOBA, the following has long been true: The eye plays with it – and the performance should also fit if you want to plunge headfirst into a multiplayer adventure with lots of flashes and bangs without a slide show your screen twitches.

In the past, we had the pre-configured buffed role-playing PC at Alternate ready for MMO fans who wanted to get a new computing worker, which achieved good results despite the smaller budget. In the meantime, however, we would like to recommend the various PCs from our colleagues from PC Games Hardware to gamers, because among them is the PCGH budget PC in the 6Core edition for just over 1,000 euros. A bargain given the fact that you can trust our colleagues' competent component selection! Because in the PCs of the PCGH series at Alternate only hardware is installed that the editors of PCGH have also tested and found to be perfectly clean!

If you want to spend a little more money, you will also find what you are looking for, because the range of PCGH-PCs includes eight machines that are suitable for all wallet sizes, from the budget PC already mentioned to the Ultimate machine for just under 3,600 euros. By the way: If you prefer to tinker yourself, then the selected configurations of the colleagues at PC Games Hardware give you a great overview of which hardware fits together. Further Details about the computers you can of course find it from our colleagues!

Technical data for the PCGH-PC (1) (Source: Buffed)

What distinguishes PCGH gaming PCs from Alternate?

The editors of the PCGH, for example, do without "cheap" OEM components. Complete computers usually have special, slimmed-down versions of components that cannot be compared with the comparable components that can be bought in the end customer market. In PCGH-PCs, on the other hand, you only get real "retail" components that are also tested in the PC games hardware. The focus is above all on the noise level of the computers: Game PCs that you buy ready should also be quiet, which is why quiet components are used, but they are still powerful.

Who is behind the assembly and sale of the PCGH-PCs?

The assembly and sales are handled by the online shop Alternate, which has now existed for 20 years. With the purchase you take no risk, you can return any PCGH-PC without problems within 14 days without any problems. What else speaks for the purchase of the PCGH-PC? Should a defect occur within two years, Alternate will do the repair for you; you don't have to do tedious troubleshooting. If you assemble a PC yourself, you have no guarantee for the functionality of the entire PC, only a guarantee for the individual components.

Transparency for PCGH PCs is very important. So you will not only learn which components are installed and what the PC looks like. Every PCGH-PC offered goes through the PCGH test course so that you can find out exactly how fast and loud the PC is and how much power it uses before you buy it. The only condition for the selection of the components: The product (graphics card, mainboard etc.) must be listed in the Alternate shop.

Advantages of the PCGH-PCs:

  • Game PCs put together and built as if by yourself
  • Only components tested and approved by PCGH editors are used
  • Optimized for silent operation (including 7-volt adapter, quiet fan)
  • Components used and measured values ​​are listed transparently
  • BIOS optimized by Alternate

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