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A few months ago, the former top guild Method broke up because of numerous allegations about some of its members. Now the guild around Scott "Sco" McMillan is about to make a comeback – and is working closely with HR to improve internal processes.

The WoW guild Method has long been the figurehead of the professional WoW raiding scene. The former guild leader Scott "Sco" McMillan Method positioned itself outside of Azeroth as an esports organization and professional brand – before the bomb exploded in June of this year.

On June 26, Sco officially commented on previous allegations of sexual harassment involving some members of the organization. A little later, the certainty: Method was dissolved and the players went their separate ways – at least until July 25, 2020.

On that day, numerous former Method members announced that they wanted to come together again under the "new" guild tag "Echo". Not among them, however, was Scott "Sco" McMillan. But what became of the former CEO Methods?

Method – return is now imminent

Scott McMillan announced that he wanted to rebuild Method in the summer – and now we know what that will look like. On The organization recently welcomed the new leadership team and announced changes to "create a more open and secure environment for everyone involved."

The past few weeks were a "massive wake-up call," said Sco in the introduction to the "press conference". His goal has always been to build the best guild in the world – a mission that he still pursues today.

This mission will be pursued over the coming months with these basic goals in mind:

  • Method will take part in the World First Race again until the end of the upcoming WoW Shadowlands expansion.
  • The individual players will be put more in the center of public interest.
  • They will ensure that every player can turn their passion into a profession while participating at the highest possible level.

The aim is to regain the trust that has been lost in the coming months and to ensure that the things that contributed to the dissolution of Methods will never happen again.

Structural changes are imminent

Scott "Sco" McMillan also spoke about structural changes that will shape the new method. These are summarized as follows:

  • In the long term, they will work with an external HR consultant who will audit the internal processes of the organization.
  • An employee code was drawn up in cooperation with the HR team, which sets out the new values ​​in writing.
    • An online reporting system was established that is logged and administered by an outside party. Complaints can be submitted to "".
    • In the event of a violation of the Code, new disciplinary procedures were established in coordination with HR.
    • Anti-harassment and anti-discrimination trainings were held in order to build more awareness of this topic. This will also be part of the onboarding process for future members of the organization.
  • Communication within the team and within the organization has been improved.
    • New project management and onboarding tools are used.
    • There will be internal feedback surveys so that the team's feedback can flow into the ongoing optimization process.

Furthermore, a first six-month plan has already been disclosed:

  • There will be management training sessions for upper and middle management methods. Care will be taken to create an open and honest communication culture.
  • There will be a new review and feedback system.
  • Internal HR positions will be created in the long term.
  • All members of the organization will be supported with the help of the new feedback system, team building opportunities and employee loyalty initiatives.

You can see the official statement of the guild on Methods homepage see. You can attend the press conference look afterwards.

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