Our streaming tips for December 2020

It's Christmas again. This is also noticeable with the streaming services. At Netflix and Co., Christmas classics will be dusted off in December 2020 and supplemented by new films and series. Fortunately, there are also alternatives in December for those parts of the audience who have little or nothing to do with Christmas kitsch. We have selected four of them for you – and one Christmas classic that everyone can see.

John Wick (Netflix, December 1)
It's the action cracker that cemented Keanu Reeves' reputation as an action hero alongside Matrix. When his dog is killed by gangsters, retired killer John Wick swears revenge. And until it is breastfed, it takes a lot of blood. With great shootouts, a great soundtrack and the sets bathed in neon colors, John Wick has rightly become a cult film – including two sequels and a computer game. Part four should appear in 2021.

Die Hard – The Row (Amazon Prime, Dec 17)

 John McClane (Bruce Willis)

A different kind of Christmas is experienced by John McClane (Bruce Willis) in Die Hard.

Source: Fox

Amazon Prime is giving its customers a special Christmas present: all five parts of the Die Hard series appear on the service on the same day. John McClane's first adventure in particular started a Christmas tradition of a different kind. The policeman's fight through Nakatomi Plaza takes place at Christmas. That's why at least the first Die Hard movie has become a must for some fans on Christmas Eve.

His Dark Materials, Season 2 (Sky, December 21)
Based on the book series by Philip Pullman, His Dark Materials is ostensibly a fantasy series, which is about the young Lyra who encounters a dark conspiracy. Basically, everything revolves around free will, religion and parallel worlds, which makes the series amazingly profound. And successful, as the second season, which can be seen on Sky in December, proves. By the way: The original book came out in Germany under the name "The golden compass".

Soul (Disney +, December 25)
Like many other films, the latest animation from Pixar was supposed to be in theaters. After a few postponements and uncertainties, Disney decided to bring Soul out exclusively on its streaming service. The film is about the musician Joe,


In Soul, musician Joe tries to get back into the realm of the living.

Source: Disney / Pixar

who is not yet ready to die and therefore tries to get back into the realm of the living with the help of a still unborn soul. Joe is spoken by Jamie Foxx, who already has experience with performing musicians.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Season 4 (Netflix, December 31)
How do you turn a teenage series into a dark sensation? That was the job of the team around The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Based on the comics of the same name, they transformed the actually very nice world of teenage witch Sabrina Spellman into a dark suburb of hell, where Tim Burton would have had fun too. With the fourth season the series ends as originally planned and demands everything from Sabrina and her friends again.

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