We still don't know what to do with the upcoming expansion for Final Fantasy 14 is expected. Still, each of us has our own ideas about how to make the game even better. In the past few weeks we have therefore asked around in detail in the community and in this article we have compiled many of the large and small wishes that were expressed.

The hope that at least some of these ideas will be implemented is not unfounded, because the developers have already shown time and again with the earlier expansions that they are quite ready to respond to the wishes of the players. For example, the craft system has been thoroughly revised and updated with the Housing area in Ishgard a wish that is often expressed in the community is fulfilled.

We don't want to go into too much detail here that we know from experience that they will come in one way or another anyway – this applies to new classes, dungeons or primes, for example. We will also leave out the possible course of the action and where it could lead to here. We want to concentrate much more on the wishes that could bring new elements into play or fundamentally improve the previous content. We hope you enjoy reading it and, as always, we look forward to your ideas!

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Surely each of us has our own ideas about how to make Final Fantasy 14 even better.

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Table of Contents

More challenges for the dungeons

Final Fantasy 14 (buy now ) offers some really tough challenges with the extreme battles and savage raids. However, if you prefer to travel in small groups and are still looking for a decent challenge, unfortunately you are currently getting nothing. At this point, we would like to see more challenging content that can be tackled with just a few players. You don't always feel like setting out with eight players and possibly having to top them up using the content search.

Granted, the experiment Pharos Sirius, with which the developers tried to create more challenges in the dungeons in A Realm Reborn, went wrong and many players avoided this content. Similar to the Raids or Primae, however, different levels of difficulty could help to make the instance content accessible to all players and at the same time to offer the well-established groups a tough challenge. Trash groups that make the use of CC necessary or bosses who forgive significantly fewer mistakes than is currently the case would be conceivable. In the form of the Deep vault we already had something similar and especially on the high floors the players had to bite their way through – in Shadowbringers unfortunately it looked rather meager.

The dungeons are well presented, but unfortunately they hardly ever challenge us.

The dungeons are well staged, but unfortunately hardly ever challenge us.

Source: Buffed

Boss fights without scripted elements

Another wish that comes up again and again in this context is less predictable fights. Almost all challenges in Final Fantasy 14 currently run according to a fixed schedule, in which the bosses always use their skills in the same order. While some gamers will appreciate this predictability, for others the fun is far more likely to be embarking on an unfamiliar adventure. For example, it can be a very special feeling to visit a raid or dungeon for the very first time and not know what you are getting into. What can we expect next? How do we have to respond to this ability? This is precisely why it is so much fun to rush to the new content without spoiling directly on the patch day. Usually, however, it doesn't take long for this excitement to give way to the same routine, which is not least due to the bosses' scripted behavioral patterns.

This could be remedied by fights that would be less predictable and thus arouse the players' attention every time. A boss would be conceivable, for example, who has a large repertoire of skills, but uses only a small part of them in random order per attempt. So it would be impossible to adjust to the fight and we have to react spontaneously every time to what the boss has ready for us. Sure, the level of difficulty would vary greatly from attempt to attempt and such randomly designed fights would probably not be something for everyone, but at least a small alternative to the completely scripted boss fights would be very welcome. Of course, it would also be possible to have the boss's skills change weekly and thus create the same conditions for all players. That way, we could start a new adventure every week and be excited to see what will happen this time.

Trust and exploration mode for all dungeons

Since we're on the subject of dungeons: Of course, it would be great if we could visit the older dungeons with our NPC companions with the help of the trust system. The same applies to the great exploration mode, which currently only works in the dungeons of the Shadowbringers expansion.

We would like the really successful exploration mode for all dungeons.

We would like the really successful exploration mode for all dungeons.

Source: Buffed

Revise the projection system

Even if that Glamor system in Final Fantasy 14 serves its purpose, it could be a lot better. The main points of criticism are probably the projection chests of drawers, which make the system far too complicated and impractical. Although the number of available projection plates has already been significantly increased with the release of Patch 5.0, there are still far too few to implement all the ideas we have in mind. It is just as annoying to have to go to the guest room every time to store an item in the dresser. The community has therefore often asked to be allowed to place the projection chests of drawers in the players' houses. We want to join this often cherished wish as well. It would be much better, however, to make the whole system accessible directly from the character menu.

The projection system, while doing its job, is in many ways too impractical.

The projection system, while doing its job, is in many ways too impractical.

Source: Buffed

However, these would only be small improvements to a game element that may originally have been well-intentioned but never really convince us. Here, other titles have presented significantly better: For example in the form of catalogs in which collected items are simply activated and from now on are always available as a projection template. Final Fantasy 14 would also benefit greatly from such a system.

Housing – it's a feature, not a bug

Of course, the topic of housing should not be missing in an article about wishes for the future. At this point it should be emphasized again that Final Fantasy 14 already offers one of the best and most versatile housing systems in the MMO genre. Still, there are a lot of things the community would like to see improved on. The limited number of available plots has already been mentioned many times (also by us) and should not be discussed here again. Other points, such as more slots for furniture in the outdoor areas, have also been mentioned many times.

Instead, I would like to talk about a very personal wish that I was first brought up by my teammates and from which, in my opinion, all housing-enthusiastic players would benefit: In Final Fantasy 14 there is a small but persistent community that supports The establishment of their player houses and apartments used a number of glitches in the placement of the furniture. In this way, it is possible to raise carpets or partitions to create higher levels or even new floors in the houses.

Great rooms like this can currently only be designed by taking advantage of mistakes - that should change.

Great rooms like this can currently only be designed by taking advantage of mistakes – that should change.

Source: Buffed

At first I was quite skeptical about the subject of "glitching" – after all, system errors are deliberately exploited in order to achieve results that were not intended by the developers. However, when I looked at some of the houses and apartments designed in this way, I was taught otherwise. It's just amazing what these players can do. The possibility of building new floors into the rooms in particular works better than anything I have ever been able to realize myself with normal means.

Talking to a

Here too glitching was used in many places.

Here too glitching was used in many places.

Source: Buffed

However, one thing quickly became clear to other players who set up their houses in this way: creating these works of art requires a lot of time and even more patience. Each part has to be placed in a certain way and a small mistake can ruin hours of work. Decorating the house the traditional way is already a lot of effort, and it's hard to imagine just how much perseverance it will take to furnish this type of home.

Therefore, here is our appeal to the developers: Make this a standard feature and allow the players to position pieces of furniture vertically using a controller or a coordinate system. The point is that the coordinates of the objects are already stored on the third axis and that it is therefore possible to design the houses in this way. So it would only make this feature easier to access and save the players a lot of frustration. Sure, it would probably result in a lot of nonsense, but we already have enough empty or nonsensically furnished houses. In this way, however, more players would dare to use this design option who are currently still feeling put off by the additional effort or by the fact that it is not officially possible.

Quests and tasks – make decisions more weighty

You are probably familiar with the dialog windows that allow us to choose our character's next response sometimes in the course of the main scenario. Giving our hero a voice in this way is great – or it would be if it actually had some influence on the course of the story. In the vast majority of cases, however, our decision is forgotten in the second sentence at the latest.

We understand that it takes a lot of work to write and create different versions of the same events, especially if they have to be set to music. We don't want to throw the whole story off its hinges with our decisions. At the moment, however, the "conversation options" feel very unsatisfactory. Isn't it logical that the highly acclaimed warrior of light (or darkness) should at least occasionally have a say in how things proceed instead of just being sent from one task to the next?

Wouldn't it be great to be able to make a decision in history at least once in a while?

Wouldn't it be great to be able to make a decision in history at least once in a while?

Source: Buffed

The choices don't have to be complicated or too broad. It would still be a nice feeling to see the effects of our decisions at least now and then. Do we ride to the next quest location or do we use an airship? Which companion from the Covenant of Dawn should we stand by in the next story fight? Which of the current issues should we address first? Such things would certainly not turn the plot upside down and yet we would have the feeling that our decisions could at least have a little influence on the game world.

A reunion with Hildibrand

Of course, wish

We want Hildibrand back!

We want Hildibrand back!

Source: Buffed

We look forward to seeing Hildibrand again for the coming expansion. In the Shadowbringers expansion, we had to take a little break from the crazy adventures of the idiot detective, and a little break here certainly did well. Ultimately, it was probably not even possible for him to break through the boundaries between the worlds and follow us into the first splinter world. However, since the 6.X quest line will be back in Eorzea, there is no reason not to give it at least a small appearance

Surely each of you will have your very own wishes and hopes for the next expansion. So, as always, we look forward to your comments and how you think Final Fantasy 14 could be made even better.

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