Outlook on ArchePass and review of 2019

of Karsten Scholz
The people in charge of the online role-playing game ArcheAge can look back on a turbulent year 2019. The developers recently looked back at what has been going on in recent months. There is also a view of the ArchePass or the second ArchePass season.

After Takeover of Trion Worlds by the gamigo group in 2018, some ArcheAge fans were concerned about the future of their online role-playing game. However, the year 2019 showed that the developers still have a lot to do with ArcheAge. Here are the highlights from the ArcheAge year 2019:

  • In the first major update in 2019 there was one Retreading of the pirate and hero system: "Players were able to become saltwater-gurgling pirates for the first time in an exciting quest line without breaking the law. The total number of heroes has been reduced, but their powers and available game content have been expanded with new skills and quests."
  • The appeared in March Continuation of the story around the relics of the Hiram: The players delved deeper into the mysteries of this enigmatic people as they explored the new instance, Fall of Hiramstadt. The more Hiram villagers they were able to save, the more valuable rewards they received. Among them were true treasures of a long forgotten civilization like the mysterious Hiram infusions.
  • In June the heroes traveled to the eastern Hiram mountains: The Erenor fighters were given an insight into an ancient ritual and fought the Abyssal Legion. As new rewards, the Glorious Hiram Gear and the Radiant Erenor Gear waved. Also the ancestor level limit has been raised.
  • The ArcheAge's fifth birthday was celebrated – a difficult anniversary challenge including: Heroes without fear of heights had to reach the top of floating platforms with the help of their glider boots. The most skillful aerial acrobats were rewarded with coins that could be exchanged for a new title.
  • The developers published in October Unchained the new Buy2Play version of ArcheAge: Unchained offers fans of sandbox role-playing games all the content that has ever been developed for ArcheAge.
  • The big one appeared in parallel Update revelation of the shadows: Highlights of the update were the graphic improvements and the new shadow blade skill set. Henceforth, 220 unique class combinations can be played in both versions of ArcheAge.

On the official website of the gamigo group However, there was not only a review of 2019, the developers also presented the ArchePass for the second season:

ArcheAge: The developers present the ArchePass for the second season.

ArcheAge: The developers present the ArchePass for the second season.

Source: gamigo group

"Fighters, artisans and armorsmiths in ArcheAge: Unchained get a lot to do in the second season of the Archepass. For players who prefer to spend their time with a hammer in hand, the crafting pass offers great rewards, including the fashionable rabbit foot uniform. Who A cute baby penguin who fully meets the equipment pass. The Combat Pass is an excellent choice for those who struggle through hordes of enemies and want to collect loot on the way. With their brand new three-engine hot air balloon you can visit the lands of ArcheAge: Unchained travel in a big way. "

By the way: The ArcheAge: Unchained Gold and Archeum packages are on Steam and in Glyph store currently reduced by 30 percent! The sale runs between January 23 and February 23 on Glyph and from January 23 to January 27 as part of the Steam Lunar Sales, Both sales start and end at 10 a.m. (PST). gamigo will extend the Steam Sale from January 27th from 11 a.m. (PST) to February 10th at 11 a.m. (PST).

ArcheAge: Shadows Revealed – graphic update in the trailer

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