For some time now, an annoying bug in the loot shooter Outriders has ensured that some players’ entire inventory disappears without a trace. This literally dissolves the work of numerous hours or even days into thin air, which is logically anything but well received by the community. A recently released server fix did not fix the problem, but now there is finally a solution.

As the development studio People Can Fly announced via, another patch for Outriders is now available (buy now 59,99 € ) ready for download – both on the PC and on consoles. After installing this update, another inventory wipe should no longer occur. The team explained that some items from your inventory could no longer be displayed for a short time. However, restarting the loot shooter should fix this problem in most cases, as it is only a temporary display error. Furthermore, under certain circumstances there may be connection problems in multiplayer.

By the way, what this new patch does not offer is the restoration of previously lost items. People Can Fly will initially use the upcoming weekend to observe the effects of the latest update more closely. If everything goes to your satisfaction, there will be a precise schedule and further details on how to restore the items in the near future. As soon as these are known, you will of course find them immediately in our news section.


Outriders: Der Launch-Trailer des Loot-Shooters

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