The demo of the loot shooter Outriders was pretty well received by the players. Quite a few have then definitely pre-ordered the game. So it's understandable if these players get annoyed after the announcement that Outriders will be released on Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S in Xbox Game Pass.

How to cancel your order from Outriders

Therefore, the developers explained on Reddit how you can get a refund. And this is how it works:

But consider the following: If you cancel your order from Outriders, you will not receive the Hell's Rangers content pack. This is only available with a regular pre-order. It is not part of the Xbox Game Pass release of the loot shooter. However, you can buy it separately. The package contains:

  • Hell's Rangers equipment sets for male and female characters
  • Hell's Rangers arsenal with 11 unique weapons
  • Hell's Rangers truck mods and truck designs

On April 1st, Outriders will be available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S as well as for PS4 and PS5.

Source: Reddit

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