As is well known, the People Can Fly team released another update or hotfix for the loot shooter Outriders last weekend. He should not only restore the crossplay function, but actually also take care of the problem with the inventory wipe, which is currently causing a lot of anger and resentment in the ranks of the fans. But apparently this was not the case.

As you can read at, among other things, the problem has by no means dissolved in favor – on the contrary. Some players even report that the bug with the deleted inventory since the release of the latest update for Outriders (buy now 59,99 € ) seems to occur even more frequently. Logically, this does not help the situation to ease. A little later, the support of the publisher Square Enix spoke up to take a stand. The statement says:

“Since the latest patch was released, we’ve seen an increasing number of reports regarding this issue. Fixing the inventory wipe remains our top priority until the issue is resolved.”

Accordingly, Square Enix and People Can Fly continue to work feverishly to get the problem under control. However, it has not yet been determined when the next update can be expected. However, it is known that there will be compensation for all players who have struggled with these and similar problems since the launch of Outriders. However, no specific date has been set for this either.


Outriders: Der Launch-Trailer des Loot-Shooters

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