The Loot-Shooter Outriders by the development team People Can Fly didn’t exactly shine on itself with fame when it was released in April. Numerous bugs, server problems and glitches made life difficult for the players. Since then, a few patches have improved the situation, and today’s one finally addresses one of the most annoying, if harmless, bugs in the game.

Because the juicy 3.4 gigabyte patch finally lets players rejoice when they find new items. Previously, when opening the inventory, players received a message for each individual item that it was a new item, even if it had been moldy there for hours. With the latest patch, this bug has now been fixed, as publisher Square Enix revealed in the full patch notes: “A bug has been fixed where old inventory items were marked as new.” The bug did not lead to Inventar-Wipe, nor did he bring down the game. Nevertheless, he was right at the top of the annoyance scale.

What else did the new Outriders patch bring?

The Outriders Twitter account (buy now 54,99 € ) announced further highlights of the patch. In addition to the bug fixes, the drop rate of legendary items has been doubled and console players get additional setting options for their controller. A bug when logging in on the Xbox has also been fixed.

In any case, it’s nice to see that the People Can Fly team keep their promise and still take care of Outriders two months after the release in order to offer fans the best possible gaming experience. If you want to read what else has happened with the latest patch, check out the full list of patch notes im Outriders-Subreddit.

Are you still in the universe of the loot shooter Outriders and are you happy that the inventory bug has been fixed? Or are there other bugs that get on your nerves even more and are still around in the game?

Those: Square Enix

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