Outriders is the newest title that requires an active internet connection even in single player mode. This not only means that solo players also have to struggle with connectivity problems, but also that the title simply cannot be paused. A Users on Reddit has found a clever way to pause the game in single player anyway. At least if you have a graphics card from Nvidia.

Most people will be familiar with Nvidia Geforce Experience. The software not only downloads drivers and optimizes your downloaded titles if you wish, but also has its own photo mode called Ansel. In games that offer Ansel support, you can call up the photo mode with the key combination Alt-F2. In this you can move the camera freely, apply filters, and other things that a photo mode does. Outriders (buy now 59,99 € ) is one of those titles with support for Nvidia Ansel. Here, however, the photo mode is not only helpful for taking a few nice pictures, it can also pause the looter shooter. If you are in a single player session, you can use Nvidia Ansel to go to the toilet or to the door, to cook, or simply to start a better game on the side without being surprised by any opponents. It is not yet known whether this trick will soon be declared as a bug and fixed, or whether the game will be given a proper function to pause at some point.

This Game-As-A-Service principle with the required active Internet connection is not only possible on our nervesbut also to many players around the world. Coupled with the unstable servers, problems with crossplay, FPS drops, and so much more, players are currently not particularly enthusiastic about Outriders. In the Reddit article on Nvidia Ansel’s pause function, for example, a player jokes that the title pauses every 20-30 minutes with the message “Internet connection problems”. Unfortunately, the break never ends where it started.


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