Of course, in a game that revolves around collecting loot and the joy of finding better weapons and equipment, losing those items is particularly dire for players. A bug in the loot shooter Outriders has caused a lot of frustration in the community in the past few days. Because the mistake could completely empty the inventory of the players. This made it possible to lose everything that had previously been painstakingly collected. The bug has since been fixed with a patch, but what about the items that have disappeared?

Outriders players will get their items back soon

The developers at People Can Fly explain that the players affected by the bug of the loot shooter Outriders (buy now 59,99 € ) get their lost items back. And there is even something on top. Because the items get the “God Roll” status as compensation. This means that the items are of at least the same quality as they used to be, and most of them should be even better. In addition, they have the highest possible level, which takes your world ranks into account, so that you can actually use them. With that you should be stronger than before.

The items are returned in waves. For this purpose, players are divided into groups. Group A consists of those who have an essentially unplayable character due to the bug because the inventory is no longer accessible. Anyone who “only” lost items is in a group that is later on. And when is it ready? The developers said: “When we make changes of this magnitude to our database, we want to ensure that there are no cases where a recovery could have a lasting, significant negative effect on individual players or the population as a whole. Still we are working on an ‘ASAP’ schedule and fully understand how disappointing it is that you don’t get your items back today “.

So if you are affected by the inventory bug in Outriders, you need a little patience before you can get your items back.

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