Last week, the loot shooter Outriders made its debut on PC and consoles. However, some technical problems had spoiled the launch a bit. Even now, players are still complaining about some persistent quirks in server performance. Doich that should change in the near future.

The People Can Fly development team spoke up several times last weekend via Twitter to address the current problems and the complaints of the fans. Accordingly, the studio promised to continuously work on Outriders’ servers (buy now 59,99 € ) to work and gradually improve their performance. Although not all problems have been resolved so far, the servers were already running noticeably better on Sunday yesterday than on the day of the launch. The team wants to keep a very close eye on the technical side of the loot shooter and do everything possible to offer the players the most pleasant possible environment.

Another new record on Steam

People Can Fly also announced that Outriders recently hit a new high in the number of concurrent players. A short one Look at the stats from confirms this statement: Accordingly, on April 4, 2021 (i.e. Easter Sunday), 125,143 players were active in the world of Outriders at the same time. Only recently, the maximum value was just over 119,000, which was already enough for a new Steam record.

Those: Twitter

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